Rosy-fingered Bitch (sjester) wrote in toying,
Rosy-fingered Bitch

I'm Not Sleep Deprived or on Drugs, I Swears!

So yesterday I was reading the bit in Unfinished Tales about the Istari. Then today I was thinking about Blue Wizards, and that somehow turned into Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio), and then the interesting mental images began. I seem to be collecting quite a cast of characters in my head, new as it is. First, Teleporno, correspondent in my inner dialogues (inspired by Celeborn's Quenyan name); then Dilandau the Gender Confused; and now Pallando the Transgendered Blue Wizard.

Perhaps eventually I shall have to write a story about Pallando, and how he came to be transgendered. But for now, I've got my not-exactly-slashy Frodo/Sam story in the works.
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